Persons of interest identified in Albany shooting, victim's family speaks out

Persons of interest identified in Albany shooting, victim's family speaks out
Andrea Willis (Source: WALB)
Andrea Willis (Source: WALB)
Laconya Willis-Brown (Source: WALB)
Laconya Willis-Brown (Source: WALB)
Michael Warren (Source: WALB)
Michael Warren (Source: WALB)

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Albany Police have visually identified two persons of interest after a shooting that happened Tuesday morning at Brother's Corner Store on Newton Road in South Albany.

Over the weekend, police released pictures of the two men they want to question.

Right now they don't have the names of the men, but investigators want to know if they have any information on the shooting of Andrea Willis.

They are known to be around the 900 block of South Davis Street.

As of earlier this week, police said the victim Andrea Willis was in critical condition.

She was shot multiple times and investigators believe she was targeted.

Andrea Willis' family said it is the power of prayer and love that's getting them through the hard times.

Due to the situation, the family wouldn't update us on her condition, but they did say she is and always will be a fighter.

"I finally had to look at it, and I looked at it so many times now," said Laconya Willis-Brown.

Brown watched the surveillance video of her sister's shooting.

"At first it took me to a place of bitterness," said Brown

Willis was shot multiple times at a convenience store Tuesday. It left her in critical condition at the hospital. Police said her shooter is still on the run.

"You have to get to a point where I trust God enough to know that there's going to be justice, I trust God enough to know that the power of God is going to heal her," she said.

Willis' family didn't want to release her current condition, as there is a possibility of her being a target.

Laconya replays the moment when she found out what happened.

"There are all types of things that come over you, angry, feeling sad, feeling guilty, you know a whole bunch of emotions just kind of take over at that time," she said.

When her sister got to the hospital, Andrea Willis was in surgery.

"There was just a long wait, kind of seemed like forever," she said.

But in those moments, she said her spirit kept her and her family strong.

"You have to cling to what you know, and what I know is God, and family, and prayer. She's going to come out walking and leaping and praising God so that's kind of where we are," said Brown.

Willis' family hosted a somber time of prayer for her Sunday afternoon at New Life Apostolic Church.

The vigil was open to the family and friends of Willis.

Her mother spoke, asking people to continue praying for her daughter's strength.

The church pastor said the vigil was also needed to help prevent worse things from happening.

The family is asking anyone with information on the shooter's whereabouts to please come forward.

"It's very important that we get a crack on the guns, not only in this region but in the world. When you can do that, then people can start coming together and start loving each other," said Michael Warren, the Pastor of New Life Apostolic Church.

The vigil ended with another call from Willis' family, for anyone with information to call the police at 229-431-2100.

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