The path that lead to the track

The path that lead to the track
The Ajiero brothers racing each other (Source: WALB)

TIFTON, GA (WALB) - Joshua Ajiero.

A name many people have heard a lot of the past week for his accomplishments with the ASU Track team.

Joshua is back from nationals and at his home in Tifton, reminiscing about his successful career.

"At State I got third place. In the 400 Meter."

A career that all started on the field.

"My main sport in high school was football, and then we got a new coach. He told me I got to get faster. He told me I gotta run track. So, he told me that and I was like naw I ain't into it."

What he didn't know, was that would lead him to a path he would have never expected. 

Breaking the school record three times and placing third at nationals in the 800 meter.

"400 Meters. That's all I ran in high school was the 400 meters."

But Joshua never even ran the 800 in high school. He wasn't even recruited to run the 800 meters at ASU. But when he did, it was a match made in heaven.

"My freshman year I got hurt, I was doing sprints, I was doing the 400. I came back, and they said I needed to slowly get back into the 400. So, I ran the 800 But, it didn't have to be fast. But, knowing me I ran it faster hen I should have and that's how it's been ever since."

And as all little brothers tend to do...

"I want to be better then him and break everything he did too….. to take of everything he did and to be better then him."

His younger brother Tyler wants nothing more than to be better than his older brother.

Although proud of everything his older brother has accomplished, he unknowingly set goals for his younger brother.

But that's okay by Joshua.

"Yeah exactly. But I'm gunna try to get mine before I get out."

Hopefully, his success, will carry over, and allow the name.. Ajiero to be written in as many record books, as possible.

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