Allen's marathon-a-day journey nearing completion

Allen's marathon-a-day journey nearing completion
Harold Allen, Jr. (Source: WALB)

BAINBRIDGE, GA (WALB) - Two weeks ago I introduced you all to Harold Allen, Jr. who is running a marathon every day in May.

Well here's a praise report.

Allen has 28 marathons in the books and 3 to go.

The Bainbridge man is running to raise awareness and money for mental health.

Another praise report, his GoFundMe met the goal with $2,000 raised and counting.

Tuesday morning, more great news.

Thursday will be the final run, and his job Memorial hospital is giving him the day off to complete the journey.

It's a relief for Allen who has endured everything from lack of time to mother nature along his journey.

"The last two days its been storming weather the whole time. And actually what's been keeping me going is knowing I came to far. I came too far to turn around," Allen told WALB prior to running his 29th marathon.

Allen plans to run his finale Thursday morning and will be received by supporters and coworkers in Decatur County upon completion.

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