Flint River rises as Alberto tracks northward

Flint River rises as Alberto tracks northward
Flint River flood stage at 26 feet. (Source: WALB)
Jenna Chang. (Source: WALB).
Jenna Chang. (Source: WALB).

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - On Monday, Albany EMA officials gave us their predictions and concerns about the water level at the Flint River continuing to rise as Alberto tracks across Alabama.

The Flint River is right around 14 feet and officials said it's very likely that the river could reach just under 16 feet after Monday's showers.

Action stage is 16 feet, which means you could start to see flooding at very very low lying areas.

The flood stage is at 26 feet.

The Dougherty County EMA Director said that based on the week's weather forecast, it may not slow down.

"Once this storm passes us, we could still see some accumulation in our rivers as the watershed from up north starts to make its way down," said Dougherty County EMA Deputy Director Jenna Chang.

As a precaution, Dougherty County Commission Chairman Chris Cohilas declared a State of Emergency for Dougherty County, because of rising Flint River levels.

Chang also said it's important for people to take precaution in the area and it's best to stay home if you can help it.

The east side of the river is a more low lying area and it floods regularly.

If you would like to track river levels, you do that on the National Weather Service website.

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