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'It's not about having the best barbecue': Veterans want others to remember meaning of Memorial Day

Memorial day service in Tifton. (Source: WALB) Memorial day service in Tifton. (Source: WALB)
Aulton White. (Source: WALB) Aulton White. (Source: WALB)
John Harbin. (Source: WALB) John Harbin. (Source: WALB)

The city of Tifton hosted a memorial service on Monday to honor fallen heroes.

Many years in the Army has shown Aulton White many things about himself and his country. 

"I did 36 years because my family has been in the military since 1636 here in this country," said White. "I've lived all around the world, in different parts of the country and there is no country like this that has the freedoms that we have here."

Those freedoms, he said, are often taken for granted. 

"That's why just one day a year we ask that you remember the ones that gave for us," White said. 

John Harbin, a disabled veteran said the problem goes even deeper than that.  

"Deceased veterans they gave it all, and the Vietnam veterans especially, are dying of Agent Orange," said Hardin.

Both veterans agree that this is a major problem America faces. 

"People don't realize that we still have people that die every day even back here in this country from the effects of that war. Whether it be Agent Orange, whether it be PTSD," said White. "The effects of war last beyond just the bullets and shells, and these people still sacrificed their lives and their families are the ones that suffer."

Ultimately, they want the country to realize what they are really celebrating. 

"It's not about a sale day, it's not about a mattress day, it's not about having the best barbecue day or the beginning of summer, it's about one day a year to remember the fallen that gave for us," said White. 

The memorial service started at the Tifton Municipal court and was followed by a motorcade that ended at the Oakridge Cemetery. 

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