Seafood restaurant to open on Flint River, more downtown Albany development expected

Seafood restaurant to open on Flint River, more downtown Albany development expected

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - The Albany Fish Company is planning to expand, and it's doing it along the Flint River.

Owner Glenn Singfield II said The Flint will be an upscale seafood restaurant.

The menu will have a lot of local favorites, but there will also be specialties like lamb and duck.

Singfield said he's incorporating the best aspects of the community to make the restaurant one of a kind.

"It's going to bring, it's going to remind you of the Flint, this area and everything Albany has. And a lot of different aspects to the area that Albany hasn't seen in the restaurant scene yet," explained Singfield.

Singfeild didn't say where the new restaurant would go, but other city officials confirmed Monday they're looking at a nearly 4,000 square foot building.

Singfield hopes to open the restaurant in September.

And On the Flint won't be alone.

Albany's Ward 3 City Commissioner BJ Fletcher said that at least four other businesses are planning to move downtown, including her.

Fletcher owns Jabs BBQ on Dawson Road. She said she plans to move it in some form or fashion, sayings she's even thinking about converting it into a food truck.

Fletcher said the biggest factor is making sure downtown businesses are locally owned and don't compete with one another.

"People don't come to a community to visit your chains, and I'm not bashing chains, they do their part, but people come downtown for something different. And that's what we're really trying to get aggressive about," said Fletcher.

Fletcher wouldn't release a lot of details about the other businesses but did say that one is a clothing store and the other is a coffee shop.

Fletcher hopes to move to the area by Labor Day weekend.

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