How to check your home before the rain

How to check your home before the rain
Jud Savelle. (Source: WALB)
Bishop Clean Care. (Source: WALB).
Bishop Clean Care. (Source: WALB).

LEE CO., GA (WALB) - With the possibility of flooding in the area, one local business said it's important for homeowners to fix any existing issues.

Professionals at Bishop Clean Care said many people don't find out they have problems with their roof or drainage around their homes, until after a heavy rain season.

The contamination in flood waters can also cause health problems, so it's important to check to see where the water is sitting if it enters your home.

"Of course, it's very important to go ahead, once the flood waters have receded, to have a professional come in and help you immediately go ahead and start cutting out the walls that were affected and start trying to dry the structures, so you don't have a bigger problem later, " said Jud Savelle, the President of Bishop Clean Care.

He also said homeowners should keep a close eye on their homes for water damage.

Many cracks and leaks can cause lasting damage to our homes.

You can't see a lot of the problems, but they can grow over time if not addressed.

Savelle said bringing in professionals to check on your home can save a lot of time.

"The best thing to do to prepare for water damage is to go ahead and fix any existing issues. Unfortunately, a lot of people don't find out they have problems with their roof or even the drainage around their home, until a heavy rain. But if you know of a problem, and you've been putting it off, go ahead and have it fixed immediately before we get into the heavy rain season."

If you have concerns, he says to contact a professional immediately.

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