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Residents prepare for storm chances over holiday weekend

James Lawrence. (Source: WALB) James Lawrence. (Source: WALB)
Michael Richard. (Source: WALB) Michael Richard. (Source: WALB)
Edwin James. (Source: WALB) Edwin James. (Source: WALB)
Edwina Long. (Source: WALB) Edwina Long. (Source: WALB)

With Alberto expected to impact Southwest Georgia, you can never be too prepared when it comes to the safety of you and your family. 

As the rain and thunderstorms move through our area, Albany residents say their holiday plans are changing.

"We need the rain, but I wish it wouldn't rain as much as they talk about," said Edwina Long, an Albany resident. 

"Me and my family are just staying inside because of the weather," said Edwin James, another Albany resident. 

They said they are ready for what may come. 

"I got my safety device, I got my generators, I got my lights, I got my first aid kit and all that," said Michael Richard, an Albany resident.

"Just water, generators, and stuff, a surplus of food canned goods and stuff, anything to hold out for electricity and water," said another resident, James Lawrence.

Both Lawrence and Richard said they've been through plenty of storms in the past that have encouraged them to prepare ahead of time. 

"We went through two of the floods. Through the flood of '94 and the flood of '98. We did get struck by that, but we were able to manage through that," said Richard. 

"We are still prepared from the last storm. After the fact, there was tornado warnings and we got prepared then so we stay prepared," said Lawrence.

Part of that preparation is having a kit full of supplies ready to go. 

"We keep a safety kit in the house, candles, flashlights, we have water can goods," said James. 

"We got sandbags and stuff like that and we are going to try and be preventable of that," said Richard. "Hopefully it don't come, but we want to expect for the unexpected."

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