USA Speed Skater talks about home roots

USA Speed Skater talks about home roots
Sabien Tinson celebrating a victory (Source: WALB)

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Team USA speed skater, Sabien Tinson, made his way back home to Albany today to where it all started.

From what began as a friendly race at Stardust skate center, would launch him into a career on the rink.

Tinson stared his career here in Albany with the Speed Skating team, GT speed.

From there he was fortunate enough to be selected for Team USA.

Since Florida has one of the best facilities for Speed Skating, he and his family packed up, and headed to Orlando.

There he received training from Jorge Botero, a multi-time Columbian world champion.

Since then he has over 20 national titles for both indoor and outdoor, along with holding 6 records.

"I train seven days a week, 24/7." said Team USA Speed Skater, Sabien Tinson. "I train about, on average, eight to ten days, everyday. I think for me it was just a commitment, because I had been doing if since I was fourteen-fifteen years old. As a fourteen-fifteen year old that kind of test you to let you know, whoa do I really want to do this sport."

Sabien will head out for Holland on the 19th of June for the 2018 Worlds Championships.

If he places, he could be chosen as the representative for team USA for the Junior Olympics in October.

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