4-year-old Hahira preschool student receives college scholarship

4-year-old Hahira preschool student receives college scholarship
Alexander Francis accepts his check, but not before telling his future educational goals. (Source: WALB)

VALDOSTA, GA (WALB) - With college tuition on the rise, one Hahira preschooler is already years ahead when it comes to saving for his education.

Four-year-old Alexander Francis, who attends Hahira Elementary School, received a $1,529 check for his college education.

Alexander's mother entered his name into the Georgia Path to College 529 Plan Sweepstakes, which is geared toward helping parents save for higher education.

His parents said it is important to plant the seed now about his future.

"He's already looked at about asking me about college, about where I went where I'm going, it's interesting just to know that he's got it in the back of his head on where he needs to go," said Alexander's Dad, Andrew Francis.

The money is state and federal tax free, giving the recipient the maximum benefit of the award.

Path to College 529's executive director said that kids are seven times more likely to attend college if their parents start saving early on.

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