Boxing gym looking to be a safe 'haven' for Albany youth

Boxing gym looking to be a safe 'haven' for Albany youth
Haven Brady Sr. teachig his youngest son (Source: WALB)

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - To many a gym is just a gym.

But to the Brady family and many of the Albany community, it's a safe place.

But all this came to be when Haven saw his oldest son not growing quite as much as the kids his age.

"We kind of just started out working out for football and learn the footwork about it in reference to football. My son didn't grow with the other kids. The other kids were growing, and he still was small."

But when football still didn't measure up, Haven Jr. stuck to boxing. You could say he's a pretty good one at that. Haven Jr. is ranked at #1 in the state in his weight class and #17 in the nation.

For him, this shows that the only size that matters, is the size of his heart.

"It's something big, it shows that what we have been working on is coming all along. It's coming together, and we just not doing it because, we trying to get somewhere."

But like many little brothers often do, Haven Jrs. little brother Keyvon, wants only one thing.

"To be the best and be better than my older brother."

If that's the goal then he is definitely on track. Keyvon is also #1 in the state and #7 in the nation.

The two of them have a combined total of 15 belts.

"I really didn't expect it. Because you don't have kids that wake up in the morning and train on their own. There's a lot of things I don't do with them. They do on their own."

"We come in here and we jump rope for about fifteen minutes. Jump rope, shadow box, run on the tread mill, practice my head moments and stuff. We will do mix, focus mix. We do bag work for about six to 10 rounds."

And that wasn't even half of it. But this isn't just a place to train young boxers, it's also a place that Haven Sr. believes will keep kids in school and off the streets. By providing tutors.

"We have classrooms on the other side as well. Sometimes we will have the interns from Albany State come up and they will help the kids out. Or my son, or some of the other coaches."

He says that they have a goal at beat the streetz, and it's not just to create champions.

"The overall goal is to stop some of the murders and killings around here. If we can get the kids when they young, then we can make an impact in their life."

Beat the Streetz is a non-profit organization and If you would like to donate to Beat the Streetz you can do so by going to

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