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Coffee Co. Middle School student raises money for school employee

Caroline Maley. (Source: WALB) Caroline Maley. (Source: WALB)
Kim Maley. (Source:WALB) Kim Maley. (Source:WALB)
Caroline Maley and William Littleton. (Source: WALB) Caroline Maley and William Littleton. (Source: WALB)

It's the small acts of kindness that leave a mark on many peoples lives. 

Monday, a young girl from Coffee County Middle School did some reaching out to people in her community, to help out an employee at her school, and got more than what she expected. 

Caroline Maley is a 6th grader at Coffee County Middle School. 

"Shes always had a big heart and would see if somebody was being disrespected or somebody was getting treated unfairly or unkind she would call it out," said Caroline's mother Kim Maley. 

That's exactly what she did at school when she saw a staff member being disrespected.

"I noticed that he wasn't getting appreciation so I went home and I was like, 'Mamma we gotta do something for this man. He's really nice, not a lot of people are like that,'" said Caroline. 

Her mother posted to Facebook, and they were able to gather over a 100 dollars in donations from strangers for Mr. Littleton. 

"I looked I said 'Oh my,'" said William Littleton."They really surprised me, I know they all are kind and treat me nice, but I didn't know they were taking it seriously as they were. But I really appreciate it."

Those strangers, like Nikki Swanson, saw the Facebook post and made these T-Shirts to support Caroline.

"She is a young girl standing up for whats right. And everybody usually tries to do what everybody else wanna do, but she's standing up to say 'I want to make a difference,'" said Swanson. 

"I'll always try to remember Caroline," said Littleton. "It's so many others that are kind too, she's just one of the leaders."

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