South GA high school students achieve major academic success

South GA high school students achieve major academic success
Zoe Hopson will attend Yale University in the fall. (Source: WALB)

DOUGHERTY CO., GA (WALB) - Dougherty County students are seeing major success in their academic careers.

Some have been accepted into several schools and earned thousands in scholarships, while others are earning degrees and diplomas at the same time.

Getting your degree before your diploma

On Saturday, some Dougherty County students will graduate college before receiving their high school diploma.

Community leaders commended future high school graduates for their hard work and dedication in achieving a college degree or certificate, while also earning their high school education.

Twenty-one Dougherty County seniors graduated with an associate degree or certificate, earned from Albany Technical College or Albany State University before they received a high school diploma.

This Move on When Ready Dual Enrollment Program process began years prior to their senior year. The program allows students to take college courses while still attending high school.

According to, the annual amount for a student to attend college is approximately $22,000.

With these students being enrolled in the Georgia Dual-Enrollment program, they have saved nearly $45,000.

Dual enrollment is no cost to the students and books are included.

Dougherty County School System leaders are encouraging students to consider the opportunity the program offers.

Program eligibility for Albany Tech can be found here and eligibility requirements for ASU can be found here.

Across the community students have also applied and received acceptance to numerous of colleges.

Dougherty Co. students see collegiate success

Deerfield Windsor's Zoe Hopson and Dougherty High's Carterion Whitlock are two of many students in the area that applied to various colleges and got accepted into all.

Hopson was accepted into over 10 Universities and has collected over $20,00 in scholarship money. She will be entering as a freshman this upcoming fall semester as Yale University.

Along with Hopson, Whitlock also received scholarship funds and college acceptance letters.

After being shifted to another high school due to his previous high school closing, Whitlock received hundreds of thousands of dollars and over 20 college acceptance letters.

Under the Zell Miller scholarship, Whitlock received a full ride to the Georgia Institution of Technology. Because of his aspirations to become an engineer, he decided to accept the school's offer and will start this fall semester.

You can get a full list of South Georgia high school graduation dates here.

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