Editorial: 'No comment' won't do in hospital flap

'No comment' won't do in hospital flap

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Many of us have heard the saying 'silence is golden,' and in the case of the Dougherty County Commission… their silence says it all.

This week, a Fulton County judge denied the commission's request for a restraining order to stop work on the proposed Lee County Medical Center, deciding that Dougherty County will not face any immediate or certain harm by the certificate of need granted by the state.

It's no surprise that since then, the commission, their attorneys, and the Dougherty County spokesperson have been dodging our cameras, and declining to comment.

The Dougherty County Commission claims building a hospital in Lee County will hurt Dougherty county's economy by taking away patients from Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital— the largest employer in Dougherty County.

Now, 'no comment' is just not good enough.

Dougherty County citizens have the right to see the documentation and numbers that led to the commission's decision to waste taxpayer dollars on a fight no one ever asked for.

At the end of the day, Dougherty County had no standing in this case— and has no standing in their lawsuit on whether or not the Certificate of Need should have been issued at all.

If this lawsuit is not going to be dropped, then we again call for a town meeting to discuss this openly and let the voters' voices be heard.

The commission needs to do what's best for our communities, and keep their focus on THIS side of the county line.

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