Unexpected vote during Thomasville council meeting leaves some upset

Unexpected vote during Thomasville council meeting leaves some upset
Some community members voiced that they feel cheated and are furious after Monday night's Thomasville City Council meeting. (Source: WALB)
Councilman Jay Flowers (Source: WALB)
Councilman Jay Flowers (Source: WALB)

THOMASVILLE, GA (WALB) - Emotions ran high after Thomasville City Council members voted three to two on the expansion of Pinetree Boulevard Monday night, which was to be presented and reviewed by the public later this month before voting.

Some community members voiced that they feel cheated and are furious.

One person said, "Y'all can go to hell," Monday night, right after the council voted in favor of the expansion of a street that many community members were against.

Councilman Jay Flowers said he was completely blindsided by the vote.

"We were not anticipating a vote last night, we were expecting it to be sometime in the future," explained Flowers.

That future turned into an additional item during Monday night's meeting.

Some people said they believe there's a hidden agenda.

"I don't understand what is pushing this plan. It's as if somebody is getting something out of this and I want to know what it is," said a resident.

Flowers explained why he believed this was happening.

"The county had originally proposed this and I think that there is some sort of affinity back to a county commission member that is making them vote this way," said Flowers.

The expansion of the road was originally Thomas County's plan, but the city of Thomasville took ownership and adopted their plan, adding in curbing, guttering and a turning lane.

Some community members hold firm and said they don't want it, especially since the presentation to the public never happened.

"I wish you had been at the meeting to be able to tell your neighbors exactly what you've been saying tonight, that you didn't care about their opinion," said Flowers during the meeting.

Nearly $5 million was set aside from the 2012 SPLOST funding for the renovations.

"It is pointless and it's an expensive waste of time and money, there are other things in this town that could use the money and use the attention," said another resident.

Community members are encouraged to still contact the city to voice their opinions in regards to Monday night's vote.

WALB tried to speak to those that voted for it, but no one wanted to go on camera at the time.

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