GSP has a job waiting for you

GSP has a job waiting for you
Trooper Dustin Rozier (Source: WALB)
Trooper Dustin Rozier (Source: WALB)


Georgia State Patrol has more than 100 open positions and they're looking to fill them with qualified applicants. 

The Georgia Department of Safety has experienced a shortage of troopers for quite some time.

"We've been having vacancies up for a little bit, because we've been having people retiring out," Trooper Dustin Rozier said.

In hopes of increasing the shortage, Governor Nathan Deal raised the pay by 20 percent for troopers, making the salaries more competitive.

When trooper school is completed, a new graduate now starts out making $46,000.

People wanting to apply do not have to have previous experience or a degree.

Trooper Rozier says they're looking for honest people, not perfect people.

"When they saw the troopers number went down, the fatalities went up on the roadways, so they realize the needed the troopers on the roadway," Rozier added.
Applicants must fill out an application, pass a background test, a polygraph test, and physical training test, to land an interview.
Rozier says although they have jurisdiction across the state, they try to station new graduates close to home.

For more information, click here or contact the recruiting unit.

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