Paper shredding saves environment, and identities

Paper shredding saves environment, and identities
Keep Albany Doughtery Beautiful hosted a paper shredding event Saturday. (Source: WALB)
Keep Albany Doughtery Beautiful hosted a paper shredding event Saturday. (Source: WALB)
Danijah Mack. (Source: WALB)
Danijah Mack. (Source: WALB)
Ann Lyles. (Source: WALB)
Ann Lyles. (Source: WALB)

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Each year, millions of people have their information stolen in identity theft cases across the country.

Here in South Georgia, one group is fighting to lower that number.

With so many files and busy lifestyles, it's hard to keep track of every single document you have.

Keep Albany-Dougherty Beautiful says getting rid of them the right way can keep your files from falling into the wrong hands.

They pile up in our homes.

"It gives me a chance to empty out that file cabinet," said Ann Lyles, a participant at the event.

They also flood our streets.

"It makes neighborhoods look better," said Danijah Mack, a volunteer at the event.

Keep Albany-Dougherty Beautiful aims to change that.

Saturday, the group hosted a free document shredding event.

"I really think this is a good thing that the city is doing," said Lyles.

Last year, people shredded 15-thousand pounds of paper. But, it's about more than just keeping homes clutter-free and neighborhoods clean.

"The paper we are recycling, you will not find as litter anywhere," said Judy Bowles, the Executive Director of  Keep Albany-Dougherty Beautiful.

According to Patch-dot-com, Georgia residents are at high risk for identity theft. 
There were over 300,000 cases of identity theft reported last year. 
12,000 of those, in Georgia.

"Its very important for us as individuals to do everything we can to deter identity theft," said Bowles.

The deeper goal of the non-profit is to work to protect your identity.

"I do shred at home, and I encourage a lot of my friends and family to do the same because identity theft is so bad these days. You gotta stay on top of it you really really do," said Lyles.

Organizers said they'll host another free shredding event in September.

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