Moody AFB recognizes military spouses

Moody AFB recognizes military spouses
(Source: WALB)

VALDOSTA, GA (WALB) - Friday was national Military Spouse Appreciation Day and Moody Air Force Base wanted to honor its key spouses in a simple, yet special way.

The base held a luncheon for all the key spouses and presented each one of them with a certificate of appreciation.

Colonel Jennifer Short of the 23rd Wing Command said that it's not easy being married to the military.

"They didn't raise their right hand necessarily and join the military, but informally each and every one of you have done that, you've informally signed up to be a part of the military, and for some young spouses, it's their first taste of being in the military," said Short.

Key spouses do a multitude of things from checking on husbands and wives who are experiencing their spouse being away on deployment, to planning events to help build unity on and off the base.

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