No selfish swings: Golden Rams ripping runs left and right

No selfish swings: Golden Rams ripping runs left and right
Scot Hemmings (Source: WALB)

The bats at Albany State University have been potent.

On their 9-game win streak, which included an SIAC title, they've scored 12.5 runs per game.

How do they do it? No selfish swings.

That's the motto for the Golden Rams as they prepare for the NCAA Division II South Regional.

The conference champs don't know who they'll play yet, but they do know how they'll play.

On offense, batters aren't swinging for the big play hit every time they step to the plate.

"It's a selfless offense. Its giving yourself up for the team," said head coach Scot Hemmings. "When we do that its amazing how much better out numbers get. Taking some borderline pitches, building some counts where we have to bring the ball back over the middle of the plate and if you do that it really is an offense that scores a lot of runs."

It's led to the golden Rams scoring 8 or more runs in every single game during the streak.

Sure leadoff hitter Rilani Famillia has had 5 multiple RBI games during that span.

But all were in the flow of the offense, and that's just the way Hemmings has always coached.

"Like I tell Famillia, I get on base, you hit me in," saif third baseman Kelvin Wimbus. "I want runs, he wants RBI and we just do that. I love being at the bottom of the lineup just to flip over the lineup. It's like I'm a lead-off type guy."

The Golden Rams draw their seeding and opponent for the NCAA Division II South Regional on Selection Sunday.

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