Gov. Deal signs Abandoned Mobile Home Act

Gov. Deal signs Abandoned Mobile Home Act

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Landowners now have a new state law to help them clean up abandoned mobile homes.

Governor Deal signed the Abandoned Mobile Home Act, giving local governments more authority over blighted properties in their area.

Starting July 1, they will be able to appoint someone to take over the process and ensure owner's and lienholder's rights are protected.

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Two South Georgia lawmakers, Darrel Ealum of Albany and John Corbett of Valdosta, helped write the legislation.

Ealum says it will help clean up "old ugly eyesores" and gives landowners a voice they previously didn't have.

"Go and ask the city to have their inspectors go out and inspect these old homes. They declare them abandoned and in a very short period of time owners can get rid of them," said Ealum.

You can read a copy of the bill here.

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