Lowndes Co. leaders encourage residents to prepare early for hurricane season

Lowndes Co. leaders encourage residents to prepare early for hurricane season
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VALDOSTA, GA (WALB) - Hurricane season is only weeks away and it is time for you to get prepared.

Last year, Hurricane Irma caught Georgia by surprise and Lowndes County wants to remind communities of some do's and don'ts.

One of the first things noticed last year in Lowndes County was the exhaustion of food, water and gas.

Officials want to remind people to take only what you need.

We want to remind everyone to be a good neighbor. Seventy-two hours is what is recommended by federal emergency management as far as how long you should be able to sustain yourself," said Lowndes County Spokesperson Paige Dukes

Hurricane season is upon us and Dukes said that it is time to stock up on items needed in case of an emergency, but people should remember not to overstock.

"If you don't need six flats of water for your house, you only need two, please, just take two and leave four for someone else," explained Dukes.

Last year, Irma was a tropical storm when it made its way to South Georgia, but almost a week before it hit the area stores were already running out of food, water and gas.

"In Lowndes County, because we are so close to the coast we can be in those evacuation routes or we begin to have all of our bread, our milk, our water will sell out. We can run short on other supplies like diapers and things you may need for babies," said Dukes.

Taking more than you need could put more stress on first responders because it decreases the amount of time they have to reach those without resources.

"Those are the types of things that public safety has to make an extra effort to get to people, it's maybe not quite an emergency as other things are, but people still have those needs," explained Dukes.

Dukes encourages getting out early to buy batteries, weather radios, flashlights and canned goods. And she reiterated to take only what you need.

"Just think about how long you may need to keep something once you put that list together because things could go to waste if you take more than you need," said Dukes.

Dukes said that the hurricane projections aren't in yet but should be by the end of the month when the county holds its public hurricane season meeting.

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