Hahira leaders vote on food truck ordinance

Hahira leaders vote on food truck ordinance
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HAHIRA, GA (WALB) - Hahira city leaders passed the food truck ordinance Thursday night.

The ordinance does have a catch.

Food trucks have to stay in the same place for seven days straight.

If a food truck only wanted to come for one day, it would have to wait for 30 days to come back.

Each truck will have to apply for a permit in order to park in the city.

At the meeting, community members had one last opportunity to make recommendations for the ordinance.

Earlier this week, the Greater Lowndes Planning Commission denied the most recent ordinance recommendation made.

"It just seemed to be too restrictive, it was restrictive in where the food trucks could park, how often they could come and I just felt that their could be a better way," said Vicki Rountree, Greater Lowndes Planning Commissioner.

This controversy took form late last year, after several restaurant owners started a petition to regulate the operations of mobile food trucks due to economic impact.

Rountree said Monday's recommendation would defeat the point of a mobile food truck.

"They wanted to give them or as it's currently worded seven days on and 30 days off and that would be consecutive days," said Rountree.

That would mean that if a food truck only wanted to come for one day, then they would have to wait the balance of the permit, which would be six days, plus 30 days before they can re-apply.

Rountree says she believes food trucks add to the city's growth and that should be noted.

"I think if you are put into a position and elected by your peers to do what's best for Hahira, then you need to do what's best for Hahira," she said.

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