Editorial: How many lawsuits do Dougherty Commissioners need?

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Here we go again, Dougherty County Commissioners have us involved in another lawsuit.

How many more lawsuits will this commission get us involved in, using our taxpayer dollars?

Now, the commission filed a lawsuit against the state of Georgia for allowing Lee County to build a new medical center.

It's a move that comes after failed attempts by commissioners to stop the state's required Certificate of Need process to launch the Lee County project.

The commission's actions will no doubt cost Dougherty County taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars, on top of the other current litigation the county is facing, including a $3 million lawsuit from interim county administrator Mike McCoy.

With so many bigger issues on the Dougherty County commission's plate, what do they hope to gain from this latest lawsuit against the state?

The very things commissioners say they are concerned about are the stated goals of the Certificate of Need process: Measure and define the need, to control costs, and to guarantee access to healthcare services.

This CON process has protected the local Phoebe Putney hospital for decades. But now that a decision doesn't go their way, commissioners think the process is wrong and not working effectively? Sorry, but you can't have it both ways.

Why do commissioners feel they can tell a neighboring county what businesses or industries it can open?

More importantly, how can we continue to trust a commission that appears to serve its own interests, rather than its constituents?

And makes decisions that affect us behind closed doors, but refuses to meet and discuss those decisions publicly?

Dougherty County taxpayers deserve better!

The commission must be accountable for its lack of transparency to citizens and wasteful spending of our tax dollars without our input.

Dougherty County voters will surely make their voices heard at the polls during the upcoming elections.

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