VIDEO: Dashcam shows county official pulled over twice in minutes

DOUGHERTY CO., GA (WALB) - New dash camera video shows a Dougherty County Commissioner pulled over for speeding twice within minutes.

The incident happened in November.

We're just now getting a look at the events that transpired when Commissioner John Hayes was pulled over in Dougherty County.

Already this year the commissioner has been named in a multi-million dollar lawsuit by another county employee.

"I'm with the Dougherty County Police Department," the officer said when he approached the car. "The reason I pulled you over is because you were speeding. "

"Yeah and I'm sorry about that," responded Hayes. "I am trying to get to Atlanta. I've got a doctors appointment I'm going to be late for as it is."

"I understand," said the officer.

"I'm a Dougherty County Commissioner," said Hayes, followed by a few words that cannot be understood in the video.

It started just before 8:30 in the morning on November 10. The Dougherty County Police officer pulled Hayes over for a speeding violation.

During the stop, Hayes continued to explain he was running very late for an important appointment.

The officer let him off with a warning.

But it's minutes later,  the officer speeds up again as he pulls Hayes over a second time.

"Sir I understand you are in a hurry and I understand you are a city commissioner," the officer said as he approached the car. "That does not give you the right to go 27 miles an hour over the speed limit, sir."

"Give me a ticket," Hayes interrupted. "I have got to get to the doctor. I've made it three times now. I'll probably get another ticket before I get to Atlanta because my doctor's appointment is more important than the ticket."

Hayes proceeded to tell the officer he appreciates the work the officers do and explains he is a law-abiding citizen but continued about needing to get to the doctor.

"Would you like me to test my radar for accuracy, sir?" asked the officer.

"I'd like for you to write me a ticket so I can go," Hayes responded angrily. "I don't think you understand."

The officer stepped away from the car, telling the commissioner he needed to calm down.

The officer issued the ticket for going 58 in a 30 mph zone.

Commissioner Hayes' actions with another county employee last year led to a $50,000 settlement, paid by the county.

We reached out to Hayes to talk about the incident.

He has not seen the video and said he doesn't remember everything that happened since it was so long ago.

Hayes did tell WALB he had a very stressful morning at home and was worried about getting to Atlanta.

He said he understands why he got the ticket and did apologize to the officer.

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