Georgia gas prices highest since Hurricane Harvey

Georgia gas prices highest since Hurricane Harvey
Gas prices continue to rise (Source: WALB)
Brandon Foster speaking about the gas prices in Albany (Source: WALB)
Brandon Foster speaking about the gas prices in Albany (Source: WALB)

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Gas prices are the highest they have been in Georgia since Hurricane Harvey hit last year.

The average price per gallon for regular grade in right now is $2.36, the highest so far this year.

The average in Albany is $2.59.

That's the most expensive we've seen since June of 2015.

This price spike is expected to end soon, but for many, this is a problem right now.

"You know, everybody gotta get to work. You know, it mainly don't affect just me, it affects everybody," said Albany resident Brandon Foster.

Experts said Georgia may not rise to the $3 mark, but the increase is still concerning to many.

"It going to effect a lot of people, with the gas prices keep going up," said Foster.

Garrett Townsend, the spokesperson for AAA, said the prices can be affected by a number of things.

"Right now, crude oil cost is about 25-percent more than it was last year," said Townsend. "In addition to that, we are certainly running into a situation where demand is strong, inventories are down. When you have that combination, it generally results in higher prices at the pump."

The national gas price average in the nation is $2.76, the highest it has been at this time in the last four years.

This time of year brings higher prices, as the weather begins to heat up, the gas prices tend to rise.

"This time of year we are going to find sometimes the higher prices," explained Townsend. "However, usually somewhere around June, July, we sort of see that peak price and then it goes down from there."

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