Editorial: Georgia's new hands free phone law

Georgia's new hands free phone law

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - All of us in South Georgia need to be familiar with House Bill 673, which, if passed, would enact a hands-free driving law for Georgia.

During this past legislative session, Georgia lawmakers took the next step to increase safety on the road.

And once signed by the Governor, our state will become the 16th state to enact a hands-free driving bill.

The new law would require drivers to store a cell phone anywhere EXCEPT our hands.

Drivers can mount cell phones on a car's dashboard or set them on a passenger seat or console.

First-time offenders caught driving with their phones would be fined $50.  If caught again, the fine would increase with every infraction.

Proponents say drivers who look at their phones are largely responsible for a recent spike in fatal crashes in Georgia - and the resulting rise in auto insurance premiums.

So now you're informed….this new bill will hopefully force drivers to put the phones down, keep our eyes on the road, and hands on the wheel.  

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