Murder suspect indicted in January homicide case

Murder suspect indicted in January homicide case
Steve Kenneth Wallace is facing murder charges. (Source: WALB)

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - An Albany man, who prosecutors said killed a man because of a dominoes game, is closer to a trial.

A grand jury indicted Steve Kenneth Wallace on murder and aggravated assault charges for a stabbing that dates back to January.

Wallace was originally charged with aggravated assault after stabbing a man, but prosecutors upped his charges after the victim died days later.

Prosecutors said Wallace stabbed Jamerson Wingfield, 61, with a screwdriver.

This week, Wallace was indicted on malice and felony murder as well as aggravated assault charges.

"The allegations were that this was during the course of a card game at a residence with several people being at the location and then the actual attack that was described happened at that residence," said Edwards.

The indictment said Wallace did it with malice aforethought.

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