Phoebe hosts annual Paver Dedication Ceremony

Phoebe hosts annual Paver Dedication Ceremony
Families visiting Pavers on the walkway in-front of Phoebe main campus (Source: WALB)

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Phoebe Putney held its 26th Annual Paver Dedication Ceremony Thursday morning in a celebration of life.

The event helps recognize this past year's addition of names to the paver bricks on the walkway leading to the main entrance of the hospital.

Sixty-five individuals were honored and remembered at the ceremony, along with 25 Phoebe family members who have retired with 25 or more years of service.

All the proceeds from the paver program go towards Phoebe's Spiritual Care Services.

This ministry provides spiritual care for patients, families and staff through a pastoral care program.

"This all culminates in the spring when we have this dedication ceremony, where we can have this beautiful ceremony," said Mandy. "Talk about the importance of these people in our lives. Then they can actually have their reception and go view their pavers out in the pathway."

Over 1,800 Pavers reside in the pathway.

If you want to add someone to the walkway, each paver is $75.

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