Editorial: Battling Fake News

Battling Fake News

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - There's a lot of talk these days about "fake news" and so-called "network bias." In the social media age, it takes just a few seconds to fire off a message someone considers a "fact,"

But in reality, the statements are merely opinions, with little to no research to back them up. Those opinions then spread like wildfire as if they are the gospel.

Make no mistake, separating truth from propaganda is more difficult than ever these days. The news industry is under fire like never before.

We want to take a moment to separate myths from facts. Let's be clear- the staff of WALB work every day to bring you unbiased coverage of the news of the day. Personal agendas have no place here.

We are not a cable news network. Cable does not have to follow the same rules as WALB, which is using the public airwaves, and licensed by the FCC.

We are an affiliate of NBC & ABC, but are not owned by them.

What does that mean? Well, we carry their programming, but have nothing to do with their content. Conversely, they have zero input into our news-making decisions.

WALB is one of many stations owned by Raycom Media, a company that has a proud tradition of serving all members of the community.

The messages you see in our editorials are not corporate controlled or dictated. They come from a group of WALB employees who have the same concerns and daily demands as you.

Here at WALB -- we want our anchors focused on facts. Not opinions.

That's how we battle Fake News. Because you want news to be reported right down the middle.

WALB and Raycom Media take pride in the work we do for you - 'live, local, late breaking' is more than just our opening line - it's our mission to you.

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