Nighthawks baseball looking to extend school record long win streak

Nighthawks baseball looking to extend school record long win streak
Head Coach Randy Adams talks about the Nighthawks latest success (Source: WALB)
Head Coach Randy Adams talks about the Nighthawks latest success (Source: WALB)
Baseball's ready to be thrown (Source: WALB)
Baseball's ready to be thrown (Source: WALB)

THOMASVILLE, GA (WALB) - The Nighthawks were wrapping up batting practice in Thomasville before hitting the road Friday morning for a three-game weekend against conference foe, Webber International.

Thomas University is looking to see if they can extend their 10-game win streak, to thirteen.

The Nighthawks started the season on a slow note but have rapidly picked themselves up, and found themselves in the midst of a school record long win streak.

If the Hawks have anything to say about it, they aren't done yet.

But the Nighthawks have lost some key players due to injuries during the season.

"You know, it started out rough," said Adams, "obviously with the injuries. I lost two first basemen, my starting shortstop, my number two and three arms haven't even thrown more than ten innings all year. So, that was tough. But we sat down with the guys and we just basically said, you know its baseball."

So, the question remains, how have they turned it around? Coach Adams says they started focusing on the fundamentals of baseball. It seems to be working in their favor.

"As we've started doing that, it's gotten ten times better." said Adams. "The approaches have gotten better, we've just got to strategically just tell them this is what your job is. But just trying to get them to understand what their role is. Being a little more aggressive in how we are coaching them, you know, has just made a big difference."

Winning ten games in a row, holding a school record, and putting yourself in a position to possibly take third place heading into the conference tournament, must have this team, ready to roll.

"The morale on the team is great." said Murphy. "We are riding a really hot streak right now. A lot of the guys are buying into what's going on right now. You know you just, baseballs a game of just, it's a game of hotness. Who can stay hot and who can keep the momentum on their side and right now we have that."
But with this shortage on the team, some guys were asked to step-up, and take the role. It would seem that was never an issue.

"The guys who stepped up, who were not playing, stepped up and did some good things for our team." said Westbrook. "They really came in and filled roles. We knew they were going to be able to do that. Coach randy does a great job recruiting guys who can come in and fill a role any time their needed. That's what this teams about and everyone's buying in right now and we are playing good baseball."

They will play their first of three games at Webber International starting on Friday at 6 P.M.

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