Thomas Co. drug squad sees huge increase in case load

Thomas Co. drug squad sees huge increase in case load
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THOMAS CO., GA (WALB) - Thomas County Narcotics agents opened 104 cases last month.

Of those 104 cases, there have been 103 charges issued for 62 people.

"One hundred and four cases is unheard of, that's the largest number of cases since the drug squads been a drug squad," said Steve Jones, TCSO.

Sheriff's office officials said its a combination of good investigative work as well as tips and search warrants.

"One case leads to another case, leads to another case, and leads to another case. They have done a really good job at following up," said Jones.

The total year to date number of cases is 210, with several cars and more than $10,000 seized.

Just four days into April, agents are seeing this trend continue with 10 cases opened already.

Deputies said sometimes drugs and other crimes go hand in hand.

"Getting drug dealers and users off the streets for a period of time, helps us with a reduction in other crime," said Jones.

Narcotics agents are still seeing large amounts of marijuana, meth, and pills, they said cocaine is also coming back as a common drug.

Although, in this field, officials said they come across new drugs on the street every day.

"The stuff that is out there right now is stuff we have never seen before. I know every generation says that the generation before never saw what we're dealing with but the stuff we are seeing right now with flakka and molly and other drugs are doing permanent brain damage," said Jones.

The 104 cases are comprised of self-initiated cases, police department tips, and agency assists.

Drugs are a battle Thomas County Sheriff's Office says they are committing to fighting.

"They are doing what they can to make a difference, as you can see by the numbers we have really made a difference," said Jones.

Thomas County drug agents said getting guns off the streets is a top priority.

Nine guns were recovered last month during arrests.

Drug squad agents said that usually results in more charges if the person is in possession of a firearm while committing a felony, or is a convicted felon.

"Our investigation unit along with the narcotics unit have recovered several firearms recently. Not that the guns are illegal but people who possessed them aren't allowed to have them. So hopefully we are cleaning up the streets getting guns out of the wrong hands," said Jones.

The guns seized range from assault styled rifles to handguns.

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