Garcia looking to reclaim green jacket

Garcia looking to reclaim green jacket
Sergio Garcia teeing off at the Masters (Source: WALB)
Flag flying at the fourth hole green (Source: WALB)
Flag flying at the fourth hole green (Source: WALB)

AUGUSTA, GA (WALB) - Sergio Garcia looked comfortable taking the tee-off from the third hole Tuesday morning. Looking like any Masters former champion would their first time back to the course where they just won their first Major.

Patrons gathered around in hopes of catching a glimpse of the 20-17 Masters champion as he made his way to the green.

Every stroke, was mesmerizing, every swing, like he was taking the green jacket yet again.

Patrons know that he is something special, and know there's a good chance for a repeat.

"I think he has a chance," said Barton, "he's been playing well this year. Since he got married, it seems like his life has really turned around."

Sergio and his wife Angela, have just recently been married, and when the time came for the name of their daughter, they chose Azalea, after the hole at the Masters that he felt helped him win his first major.

Even with past years giant success, Garcia will have to go up against the world best golfers, jack Michelson, Rory McIllroy, and now the return of the great tiger woods.

"Does he have the horsepower of Rory, or tiger, or Phil does?" said Day. "Probably not, but it's the Masters. Anything can happen. It usually does."

There is still some doubt among fans that Garcia has what it takes to reclaim the green jacket and be the fourth person in Masters history to win back-to-back times, patrons still can't deny the fact that he is a gifted golfer.

"I think he's hugely underestimated how good of a chance he has." said Day. "You know he's finally got the monkey off his back, right? After how many years has he been pro? You look at him, he knows the place, he's comfortable, and he's playing loose. I think he's got a good chance."

If Garcia is indeed going to reclaim his green jacket, there would be no better time then this Sunday. Where he could write his name in history, and be the fourth man to ever win the Masters major two times in a row. In Augusta, John Barron WALB News 10 Sports.

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