Masters patrons enjoy trick shots on the 16th hole

Masters patrons enjoy trick shots on the 16th hole
Masters 2018 (Source: WALB)
Billy Pitmon (Source: WALB)
Billy Pitmon (Source: WALB)

AUGUSTA, GA (WALB) - The azaleas that oversee the greens at the 16th hole are a thing of beauty, but they're far from the reason patrons have surrounded the hole on a Monday at the Masters.

This is probably one of my favorite places to sit because it's fun to watch," said Masters patron Billy Pitmon. "You're not going to see this on television and it's fun to watch guys who are a lot better than us hit it across the water as opposed to in the water like we do."

The masters is hollowed grounds, not a playground, but during practice even top golfers like Rory McIlroy give in to the will of the fans and shoot an unorthodox tee on 16.

One that's aimed to skip across the water and onto the green.

It's a shot patrons couldn't dream of pulling off.

"Well not on purpose. I've probably hit some across the water and they've skipped a few times but maybe not into the green," said Pitmon.

Pitmon came down from Nashville for the week.

His first stop, like many others, was 16.

He's been impressed by the theatrics in his first two trips to the Masters, and is hoping a golfer can top what he saw in his third trip to August National Golf Club.

"They skipped it across and they got within 6-8 inches of the hole, so it's pretty cool."

It's fun to see the greats in golf roll back the sleeves and play to the crowd.

Their ability to do so adds to an already astounding environment during masters week. And it's only going to get better from here.

"Obviously those azaleas are beautiful. Everything is in bloom it's perfect," said Pitmon. "The weather is perfect today. It's a great place to be it's a great time to enjoy a Monday off from work, so it's perfect."

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