Victim of fatal Vienna nightclub shooting identified

Victim of fatal Vienna nightclub shooting identified
Dooly County Sheriff (Source: WALB)
Dooly County Sheriff (Source: WALB)

DOOLY CO., GA (WALB) - The Georgia Bureau of Investigation has identified the victim of a fatal shooting at a nightclub over the weekend.

Freddie James McKenzie, Jr., 25, died after being shot outside of Klub Money on Mitchell Street.

It happened sometime after 2 a.m. Sunday.

The GBI responded to the shooting at around 3:30 after being requested by the Dooly County Sheriff's Office.

Ricketson said there were a lot of bullet casings on the ground at the scene, including casings from multiple caliber weapons.

Witnesses told officials that several people were in the parking lot before the shooting happened.

Agents said a dispute that started inside the club spilled into the parking lot and eventually spread roughly a block and a half down the road.

Officials spent most of the day at the club, collecting evidence and interviewing witnesses.

Family reaction

Family members of McKenzie are now they're trying to find answers and want justice for the death of their family member.

"What a day to remember, the day that God rose for us, we had my brother died," said Shanita James. 

Shanita James can't forget the moment she learned her 25 year old brother Freddie McKenzie Jr. was shot to death outside Klub Money nightclub on Mitchell St. In Vienna.

She said McKenzie was a person who had a lot going for himself.

"He was full, he was just enjoying life. I mean he had a lot of things planned like anybody would have a lot of things planned," said James. 

Her brother was in the army and came back to the city where he was raised, to celebrate Easter before going back to the army next month.

"He was just trying to enjoy the time he had with us before he left. He was supposed to be leaving in May," said James.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation found over 50 gun shells around the club.  The bullets that hit McKenzie also hit homes and cars.

I was worried about something happening. I thought it was going to be across the field out there but they waited until the club open," said Willie Robinson, Resident in Vienna.

Willie Robinson's family owns Klub Money nightclub.  Many of the people at the club Sunday night had just attended Dooly County's Easter community event just hours before.  He says the killers should be held responsible for the violence, not the venue.

"I'm sorry the young man got killed, but I don't feel responsible for it. Because I haven't seen a gun get up and kill nobody yet. It's always the people," said Robinson. 

"If he meant anything to anybody like he meant to us, please come forward to just tell us anything. Any small detail, they can put together," said James.

Family members said they will be having a candlelight vigil  on Mitchell St. this Wednesday at 7 pm.

Community reaction

The GBI and Dooly County Sheriff's Office said the crime scene is complicated and they're working hard to find answers for the community.

"Well last night was the first time anything ever happened like this, I mean it basically be pretty quiet over this way," said Willie Robinson, a community resident.

Robinson's family has owned a house in Vienna for over 60 years.

The house sits right across the street from Klub Money where dozens of shots rang out early Sunday morning.

"I heard some shots pow pow pow, and I went to a window and looked out here and people were walking around talking normal, so I said well ain't nothing going on out there," said Robinson.

Robinson said he didn't know it was real until he woke up Sunday morning and saw the active scene just inches away from his home.

"When I heard what happened you know I felt really bad about it. They said it was a young boy got killed. I hate to see anybody get killed, especially young people," said Robinson. "Normally this is a nice neighborhood. Safe, quiet, friendly people around here."

The GBI said more than 50 bullets were fired from what they believe came from five different weapons and multiple people.

Those bullets hit a couple cars and even a house.

As for Robinson, he and his neighbors hope all the people involved will come forward so the community can rest again.

"If anybody knows what caused it, I think they need to come forward because somebody got killed behind it," said Robinson.

Agents said they've identified people from surrounding counties who were at the club and have been conducting interviews.

An autopsy will be done in the Macon GBI Crime Lab at the start of next week.

Anyone with information is urged to contact the Dooly County Sheriff's Office.

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