First hybrid operating room opens in South Georgia

First hybrid operating room opens in South Georgia
(Source: WALB)
Dr. Maurice Solis (Source: WALB)
Dr. Maurice Solis (Source: WALB)

VALDOSTA, GA (WALB) - One South Georgia Hospital is making it possible to save your life in record time.

Dasher Heart Center at the South Georgia Medical Center in Valdosta held its ribbon-cutting ceremony Thursday officially opening the doors to the first hybrid operating room, specifically for vascular disease, in South Georgia.

"It's the only one in South Georgia and to be honest, it's the best one I've ever see," said Dr. Maurice Solis, a surgeon at the Dasher Heart Center.

Thursday, community leaders gathered inside the latest addition to the Dasher Heart Center at South Georgia Medical Center.

"It's going to allow for the best care of vascular disease anywhere in the area, you're not going to be able to get any better treatment for circulatory conditions," said Solis.

The hybrid operating room is the first of its kind in the South Georgia region, making the Valdosta community a top treatment facility in the south.

"We have the top of the line image equipment seen here, that is on a robot that can drive itself around the table to be able to image, and give high-quality circulation images wherever the problem is in the patient's body," said Solis.

The best part about the hybrid OR is the fact that it allows doctors to perform two separate tasks at once, ultimately saving time.

"It combines the ability to do catheter-based treatments and surgical treatments in the same place, at the same time," said Solis.

Dr. Solis said this hybrid OR is going to help push Valdosta to the next level.

"It took several years to get this project finalized and built and I can't thank them enough. It's really going to be a great addition for patient care in the area," said Solis.

The hybrid OR began accepting patients back in mid-February and since then has performed 54 surgeries.

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