ASU cleans the streets with Keep Albany-Dougherty beautiful

ASU cleans the streets with Keep Albany-Dougherty beautiful

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - The Albany State Lady Rams basketball and volleyball teams were out on the streets in front of ASU cleaning up the litter as a part of the Fight Albany Blight and Keep Albany-Dougherty Beautiful projects.

The teams are joining forces to keep their city beautiful and even have a phrase saying "Beauty dies where litter lies."

Approximately 20 student athletes were out helping for the cause.

The teams were cleaning up on Crawford and Wingate Avenue from 3 to 5 P.M. picking up as much litter as possible.

The players said they want to help clean up around their campus and city, and hope other will follow.

"Cleaning up the streets can help with global warming and the environment," said Austin, "and maybe influencing others to not litter. So, if we start cleaning up then maybe others will be willing to not litter on the floor, because they see college students and athletes picking up trash around the community."

Albany State looks to continue partnering with Keep Albany-Dougherty Beautiful, and hopes to put a stop to litter soon.

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