Do Not Call Registry

By: Asa Aarons

Undated-- Deborah Burnett told us her cell phone made her feel like she was at the mercy of telemarketers.

And she's not complaining about an occasional call.

Like many people, Deborah was under the impression cell phones could not be placed on the do not call registry. Not true.

You are protected from cell phone calls and text messages from solicitors just like your regular home phone, but there are exceptions.

The consumer protection board says one rather unpopular exception will change soon. Phone solicitors desiring a face to face meeting will have to abide by the registry. So lawn services, chimney sweeps, even realtors will have to be careful about who they call. As for Deborah, she finally called and asked the solicitors to stop calling and also put her cell phone on the registry.

Click here to register your number with the Do Not Call Registry.