City of Douglas launches temporary pilot program for food trucks

City of Douglas launches temporary pilot program for food trucks
Douglas-Coffee Co. has recently started 'Teen Court' to help teenage first time offenders clear their record. (Source: City of Douglas Website)

DOUGLAS, GA (WALB) - The city of Douglas is reviewing its food truck ordinance, but while officials are reviewing the policy, they are trying out a temporary pilot program for mobile food services in the area.

There are three areas in downtown that have been identified as locations for food truck services. Below is a list of criteria for businesses interested in participating in the mobile food service program:

  • Documentation of the necessary approvals from Georgia Dept. of Health Inspections and Permits or any agency documentation necessary to provide food service.
  • Possess a current City of Douglas business license.
  • Collect and remit Hospitality taxes as all other food service businesses.
  • Possess proof that mobile kitchen has been inspected and approved by the City’s Building Codes division including modifications that may occur.
  • Permission from the owner of the property where the unit is parked - permission should be written and include a legible name, signature, and phone number.
  • The unit must be parked in a location that does not create traffic or safety problems and does not interfere with other businesses or violate any statutes, and the vehicle cannot be left unattended nor left overnight at sales site.
  • Food truck vendors are responsible for providing restrooms for their employees.
  • All garbage should be removed from the vending site.
  • No gray water may be dumped on the site or location where the food truck is located.
  • Any food truck vendor must be an established business and/or considering opening a long-term brick and mortar business within the Main Street or downtown district.
  • A food truck can operate downtown twice a week.
  • All food trucks must be clearly identified and fully self-contained.
  • No alcohol is allowed to be sold nor distributed from the food truck.

Anyone interested in participating in the pilot program should contact Pattie Parker at (912) 384-5161 or by email at

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