University free-speech policy proposal advances

University free-speech policy proposal advances
(Source: WALB)

ATLANTA (AP) - The House has passed a proposal that would establish a free-speech policy at schools in the University System of Georgia.

The measure, which passed the Senate last month, comes amid a national debate about controversial speakers - often conservative ones - being disinvited from campuses because of student disruptions.

The proposal would mandate that schools in the system establish sanctions for anyone who interferes with speakers.

Republican Rep. Earl Ehrhart of Powder Springs said that the proposal is needed to stop "activists" that want to shutter open debate.

But opponents say it would actually limit students' right to protest speakers they disagree with.

House Minority Leader Bob Trammell, a Luthersville Democrat, said that "the First Amendment to the United States Constitution needs no additional protection from the Georgia General Assembly."

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