Thomasville's Jackson Street gets modern lighting

Thomasville's Jackson Street gets modern lighting
LED lights (Source: Pixabay)

THOMASVILLE, GA (WALB) - Beginning in late 2017, City of Thomasville Utilities Electric Department began upgrading lighting along East and West Jackson Street, replacing old-style lights with LED's, or light-emitting diodes. The lighting upgrade will not only affect driver safety, but will also provide greater benefit to pedestrians and property owners.

The new lighting contains luminaires that have the ability to provide more light on the ground and also produce a light that allows colors to be perceived more accurately when compared to the City's standard high-pressure sodium streetlights.

"The new LED technology coupled with precision optics is able to direct almost 100% of the light down to the ground and at a color temperature that is both more natural and renders truer colors," said Jeremy Carter, Electric Engineering Manager.  "This means that motorists and pedestrians will see more clearly, have less glare, and be able to better distinguish colors and objects at night."

The new lights will use 60% less electricity. The new lighting is not only more energy efficient, it also comes with a ten-year full replacement warranty, which means a reduced maintenance cost, and create a glare-free, soft white light that is
much more natural.

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