Big Oak Brewing hopes to plant roots in Thomasville

Big Oak Brewing hopes to plant roots in Thomasville

THOMASVILLE, GA (WALB) - Thomasville is constantly recognized as a beautiful city that isn't lacking much. However, two local men say it is lacking one thing; a hometown beer and brewery.

Big Oak Brewing is trying to start up a microbrewery in the City of Roses.

Jacob Odum and Elliot Glass recently launched a Kickstarter campaign for Big Oak Brewery just over two weeks ago and they have already received 88 percent of the needed funds.

That quick support from the community here leaves them very optimistic about the future.

"We both went on separate vacations and had the idea separate of each other, this is one thing Thomasville seems to be missing," said Odum.

Fast forward two years after numerous recipes, trials and errors, starting a brewery in Thomasville could become reality.

"Long-term, we do want to have a physical presence specifically in downtown Thomasville, but right now we are taking it step by step as we can," explained Odum.

The first step is contracting with another brewery to make their first product line.

"We're going to partner with another brewery, they will produce it for us and we will sell it," said Odum.

The good news is, both Elliot and Odum have brewed small batches for private events and so far say they have received great feedback, they hope that success continues.

"We've shown up around town and tried to see how the market would react and how people around town will react to what we are trying to do here and so far its been very positive," said Odum.

In 14 more days, the Kickstarter campaign will close and the two hope that Big Oak Brewery will plant permanent roots in the Rose City community.

"The verbal support and monetary support, when we are around town people support us and it's been very humbling to say the least to see people supporting two guys just trying to make something happen," said Odum.

So far, just over $5,000 has been raised with the Kickstarter campaign.

The campaign will end on April 9.

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