Fourth annual Cam Sports showcase held at Byne Christian School

Fourth annual Cam Sports showcase held at Byne Christian School
young high school seniors waiting to play (Source: WALB)

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - The fourth annual Cam Sports showcase was held at Byne Christian School this afternoon.

The showcase allows unsigned high school seniors from Southwest Georgia, North Florida, and Eastern Alabama to show what they've got in front of college scouts.

Today forty-five kids made their way to Albany in hopes of receiving a scholarship.

They put the kids through a serious of drills and game like situations.

In the past four years they've had roughly forty kids received scholarships to colleges and universities to pursue their dreams and receive a free education.

"We started this, because of that, To try to allow the opportunity for the kids here who couldn't travel," said Cameron, "to have the same opportunities as they do up north. To get an opportunity to be in front of college coaches. Like I said we have about eight, nine college coaches here today. I'm not sure how many times kids are playing in front of that many college coaches in a year, and we have them all here in one day."

Chris hopes more kids will see the opportunities they allow here and this will encourage more kids to come and be scouted.

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