Pipeline break leads to sewage spill near Turner Golf Clubhouse

Pipeline break leads to sewage spill near Turner Golf Clubhouse

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Albany residents near the Turner Golf Course are being advised to avoid contact with water in the reservoir in the vicinity of the golf course for the next three weeks.

There was a sanitary sewer overflow into the Flint River Thursday morning due to a pipeline break.

It happened near the Turner Golf Clubhouse on McAdams Road.

The overflow traveled to the reservoir by way of a roadside drainage ditch.

No drinking water systems were impacted.

Several thousand gallons are estimated to have spilled.

Utility crews are working to fix the line, but city leaders said there is some relief for those living in the area.

"This does not affect the drinking water at all. The city does not pull any of their drinking water out of the reservoir, it all comes from wells. And we had some concerns about the last time we had a spill with the drinking water that was a concern. It wasn't a concern then and it's not a concern now," said Albany Sewer System Superintendent Jeff Hughes.

The city has collected water samples for testing but said that anyone who fishes around Turner Golf Course should avoid the water for the next three weeks.

Officials have posted Public Notices at the location.

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