Horse guru returns to Lee Co. to teach clinic

Horse guru returns to Lee Co. to teach clinic
Michelle Morton is the owner of Hootie's Horse Haven in Lee County. (Source: WALB)
Michael Gascon is a world famous horse trainer. (Source: WALB)
Michael Gascon is a world famous horse trainer. (Source: WALB)

LEE CO., GA (WALB) - From the TV screen to his very own horse academy, a well-known horse trainer returned to South Georgia this weekend for his annual horse clinic.

In 2014, Hootie's Horse Haven opened to the Leesburg community.

Saturday marks Horse Guru Michael Gascon's second year to host a clinic in the area.

One would think the horses bring this horse guru to Leesburg.

"He's into Pacifico's, same breed as I am," said Hootie's Horse Haven Owner Michelle Morton.

Gascon is known across the country for his work.

Morton said she's built a powerful bond with the trainer.

"I met Michael through cancer. I was a huge fan of his social media and I started following him," said Morton.

"I lost a lot of confidence, and self-esteem and Michael helped me bring it back," said Morton.

The fifth-generation horse trainer travels all over the world, training people to work with horses.

Morton said that with Gascon's help and natural bond with horses, she beat stage-3 cancer.

"The past five years we have dedicated every waking moment to learning more and more about horses and going all around the world fixing so many horses," said Gascon.

Gascon said that in one year he has worked with 400 to 500 horses. He believes a lot of what he teaches the horses applies to humans as well.

"So it didn't matter what his story was, it didn't matter what his background is, we said, 'Hi, I'm Michael Gascon, the horse guru," said Gascon.

"Working with horses is a great way to do it, but working with Michael is even better because he restored everything I lost," said Morton.

The horse guru will be back next year for another horse clinic.

Participants learn the in's and outs of training a wild horse, and different techniques for riders.

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