SGTC Lady Jets basketball heading to Nationals

SGTC Lady Jets basketball heading to Nationals
South Georgia Tech Jets hard at practice (Source; WALB)

Well it comes as no surprise as the Lady Jets find themselves in the National Tournament for the fourth time in six years.

For many teams this would seem to be a hard feat to accomplish, but for the Lady Jets, it just seems to come as routine as hitting a free throw.

The players seem to have a higher standard that this is something that, although tough to come by, is something they are competing for every year.

Head Coach James Frey made it clear that this is something that they never take for granted.

"Well obviously it's a blessing, we don't take it for granted." said Frey. "It's tough to get there, 24 teams left in the entire country. We are excited about it our kids are excited about it, we worked hard and this started all the way back in august."

Coach Frey has made it apparent that this is what they strive for every game, every day, and every shot.

The hard work these players put into their practices, makes the games feel like nothing but a warm up.

Coach Frey prides himself, not on just his coaching accolades, but the life lessons he's taught his players.

"Everything you do, not just in basketball, if your doing the right things in the class, if your doing the right things in the community, and community service events, I think all that tends to lead to success on the floor."

For many of the players, this is their last time wearing a Jets jersey.

Like Houlfat, she will be heading to Minnesota next year to play for the Golden Gophers.

That means that every game she will play like it is her last time playing with this team.

"It means a lot for me." said Houlfat. "Like I have the mind set like every practice can be my last one or every game, and to have this opportunity to go to the nationals back to back, is really big, like awesome to me."

"We are excited to get out there, we are excited to play again, that will get us a chance to show the country what it's all about for down here in south Georgia."

South Georgia Tech will face Casper in the first round on Monday at 5 P.M.

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