Thomasville leaders hope to secure grant for housing rehabilitation

Thomasville leaders hope to secure grant for housing rehabilitation
(Source: WALB)
CDBG Phase 2 (Source:WALB)
CDBG Phase 2 (Source:WALB)

THOMASVILLE, GA (WALB) - For the past week, city staff have spent many hours knocking on doors and walking the Fletcherville neighborhood, all to make folks aware that Team Thomasville staff are working to secure funding to help revitalize this historic part of the city.

"To help with repairs such as roofs, foundation work, things that really need to be brought up to code to make sure the house is liveable," said Lauren Radford, Director of Community Engagement.

The city is applying for a grant that would secure $750,000 in federal funds for repairs to Phase 2, such as sewer and water drainage, and sidewalks. An additional $250,000 would be used for housing rehabilitation.

Housing is important to residents of Thomasville as many of them listed it as a top priority during workshops and community forums this past summer.

"We have heard a lot of feedback where housing is concerned and we believe Fletcherville is a great place to start," said Radford.

While the city is still working to apply for the funding they have spent a lot of time pre-screening applicants to make sure everyone who is eligible to apply, does!

You have to be 62 or older, meeting specific income requirements, live in the designated area, and own the property that would be repaired.

"What we will be able to do is identify certain citizens that we can help as part of the application for the CDBG grant," said Radford.

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