Lee Co. students move on in national competition

Lee Co. students move on in national competition
The students will head to New York City in April (Source: WALB)
The students will head to New York City in April (Source: WALB)

LEESBURG, GA (WALB) - A group of Lee County Middle School students is one of ten finalist groups in a national competition.

So far, they have won $50,000 worth of technology for their school. And it's possible they could win even more.

On Wednesday afternoon, the Lee County Middle School Solve Team found out they were one of the 10 finalists in the Samsung Solve for Tomorrow Contest.

The contest is meant to challenge students to solve real-world problems in their community.

Christian, Megan, Ian and Braylea created a device called the Tractor Angel.

The device alerts tractor operators before a tractor overturns. If it does overturn, the device calls and texts a pre-programmed phone number.

Braylea said this announcement was a surprise to them. 

"Me and Ian started tearing up a little bit because we were so excited with joy. And like, we were giving virtual high fives to them and everything. It's really exciting because we've done a lot of work to get to this point," said Braylea.

This has been a nearly six-month project for the group of seventh graders.

Ian said this competition means a lot to them, but it also means so much to kids across the world.

"Kids don't usually get regarded as, people don't think they can make a difference. People think they can't say anything. Kids aren't usually heard. And things like this. Kids can do things, kids can make a difference. And I think that's a really awesome thing," explained Ian.

The team will now go to New York City in April and present their project in front of a panel of judges.

However, you can cast your vote to help them win the Community Choice Award as well. They could win an extra $20,000.

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