Guest Editorial: Bullying and mass shootings

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - A Guest Editorial from Logan Butler-

All I have seen on Facebook or any social media, in general, is one side blaming the other. People say it's a bullying issue, people say it's a schooling issue, people say it's a mental health issue, people say it's a parenting issue, or people say it's a gun issue.

If you think that only one of these things are a factor, you need to open your eyes. How can you possibly think one of these issues ALONE will cause somebody to slaughter 17 human beings.

It would be nice if people would consider the thought that guns aren't going anywhere, we are too far along and there are too many Americans with firearms to have a complete ban, however, you can increase mental screenings, have stricter requirements, and make the access to a firearm more difficult and tedious, because guns ARE a factor.

It would be nice if people would do something about the kid getting bullied in class instead of just watching it happen because that IS a factor.

It would be nice if schools had better security, so let's do something about that because it IS a factor.

It would be nice if parents would do a better job, because discipline and how people are raising their children in today's society, IS a factor.

It would be nice if some people weren't mentally ill, but people are, and that IS a factor.

All of these different issues together are the ingredients to create the "perfect storm" and preventing one of these ingredients instead of all of them will do absolutely nothing.

These incidents have come too close to home and I'm sick of looking behind my back and being scared of what's next. I'm tired of worrying about my cousins and best friends going to school because I can't trust that they are safe.

I have two nephews that will soon go to school and their family won't be there to protect them, and I'm scared for what the future holds for them. Quit saying "that won't happen to me" because it can and to some, it will.

Quit disagreeing and start using each other's skills, positions, opinions, and viewpoints to work together and construct a solution.

Another thought is that this world isn't perfect and you can't prevent every horrendous thing that happens, so don't fret on the past and move forward to make a better tomorrow for yourself, friends, family, and the next generation.

Evil isn't going anywhere, but neither is good, so let's focus on that.

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