Thomasville Council approves investigation into city hall moisture issues

Thomasville Council approves investigation into city hall moisture issues
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THOMASVILLE, GA (WALB) - Thomasville's City Hall is in need of some major improvements. That's according to city leaders who said years of moisture have damaged the walls and the basement.

The building is used for city council workshops, meetings, it's home to the auditorium which is used for public events but also a lot of city staff work in the building every day. S,o city building officials said investigating the source of the moisture issue is important.

Plaster is peeling from walls inside the auditorium and from the ceiling, stormwater is draining into the basement and a slew of other problems surrounding humidity and moisture are going on inside the municipal building in downtown Thomasville.

The City Hall building was built in 1938 and it was last renovated in 2000.

"It's not like we have one massive leak, it's a number of sources of moisture, small amounts that are collectively working against the building itself," said City Building Chief Mark Harmon.

City officials said a new HVAC system was installed last year and was expected to be a solution to the issue.

"Where the existing HVAC systems and the systems we just replaced did not dehumidify the building as it should have, we have high collections of high humidity where its affected the plaster in places," said Harmon.

Harmon said the problem is just getting worse.

"A lot of it has to do with the age of the building, the masonry is getting more porous as the years pass," said Harmon.

The city council approved a proposal Monday night to allow a firm to investigate the issue.

The cost of the investigation, including engineering and a roof inspection, cannot exceed $36,500.

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