Chehaw welcomes fruit bat pup

Chehaw welcomes fruit bat pup
(Source: Chehaw's Facebook page)

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - A few guests may have seen something adorable during recent trips to Chehaw.

According to Chehaw's Facebook page, a new straw-colored fruit bat pup was born January 21.

You can see the pup clinging to its mom as it starts going into the main exhibit from the private holding area more often.

Chehaw said that newborn baby bats cannot fly, and depend totally on their moms.

The new pup will cling to mom for several weeks before taking small exploratory trips on its own, according to Chehaw.

It will nurse for about four months while learning to search for food independently.

This is the first fruit bat born at Chehaw since the exhibit opened last April, thanks to Lee Co. Middle School West students.

The fruit bat is classified as near threatened in the wild.

Someone at Chehaw took this photo when the bat was just a few hours old.

Since birth, the pup has doubled in size. Zookeepers will name the pup when they are able to determine its sex.

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